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About Us

Oceanside began its operation installing underground utilities and providing general contracting needs to government funded projects in Western Washington in 2005. Our extensive experience in the construction industry paired with our personalized business approach, ensures your project is managed and completed with the highest level of professionalism from start to finish. ​


Watermain / Water Services

Our crews can install full watermain systems from 4" to 36" diameter along with personal water service repair and replacements. 

Sewer Systems

We are able to provide the installation of new sewer lines and connect private side sewers to existing mainlines. 

Foundation Drainage 

Our crews are experienced in dealing with residential drainage issues including wet basements, clogged drainage and installing new water management solutions around your home.

Stormwater Management Systems

We can provide installation of a wide rage of stormwater vaults, filters, detention ponds, catch basins and stormwater pipe. 

Site Excavation and Grading 

From new home dig outs to commercial site preparation, our experienced operators can prepare a variety of project sites. 

Stream Channel Restoration 

We help repair and improve damaged streams promote a healthy environment and the return of fish to the local streams. 

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